Angola International Christian Church (AICC) is an international inter-denominational community of believers in Christ Jesus. Our calling is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:18-20) through creating an environment that unites and empowers the body of Christ. We are affiliated to the Convenção Baptista de Angola (CBA).


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November 1989
18 November 1989

Starting Point

On Sunday November 18, 1989, an English speaking couple, Timothy  Oguntana with his pregnant wife, Bridget, came to 3rd Baptist Church, Maculuso, Luanda. (Timothy has just been posted to Angola as the first secretary of the Nigerian Embassy in Luanda). The new couple couldn’t understand Portuguese, therefore the service was not very meaningful. At the end of the service, they approached pastor Domingos (who was the pastor of 3rd Baptist). Pastor Domingos contacted Pastor Curtis Dixon, an American missionary who was then serving with the Baptist Convention of Angola.

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December 1989
02 December 1989

First Meeting

First meeting started on December 2, 1989. In attendance were 6 persons representing 4 nations! They were: Timothy & Bridget Oguntona (Nigerians), Pastor Curtis Dixon (American), Pastor João César (Angolan), John & Victoria Gwafor (Ghanaians). Pastor Dixon preached at most of the church services and Pastor Cesar helped with leading the music and also preached when Pastor Dixon was absent. In 1997, Pastor Dixon retired and moved back to the USA.

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March 2003
23 March 2003

Church on the Move

Due to the need for more space, on March 23, 2003, we moved to First Baptist Church Luanda. After 15 years at First Baptist, we got our own land and moved to our present location in Talatona (Via AL16,  Talatona) on April 22, 2018.

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August 2011
21 August 2011

Name Changes

The group was initially called Luanda International Christian Fellowship (LICF). In 2002, members felt led to operate as a proper church and it was renamed Luanda International Christian Church (LICC). As the group continued to grow and spread to other locations and provinces, on August 21, 2011, the name was once again changed to its present form Angola International Christian Church (AICC).

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Church Branches

Apart from its main headquarters in Talatona, AICC currently has a total of 5 branches in Ethiopian/Eritrean Church (Luanda), Bita Sapu (Luanda), Huambo, Lobito and Soyo.

Sunday Worshippers

AICC Talatona currently averages some 300 worshippers on Sundays comprising of about 130 adults and about 170 children. The numbers are increasing rapidly. The Huambo, Lobito and Soyo Churches currently average about 30 Sunday worshippers each. Bita Sapu average is about 60 adults and 100 children.

Sunday School

Since we moved to Talatona on April 22, 2018, the numbers of children have grown rapidly. As of the last count, there were 177 children in attendance. Pastor Luciana Romão is doing an excellent work leading the training these future leaders. When Jesus said “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…”, the children ministry is living out this reality as the few teachers are seriously overstretched.

Membership Profile

Members of AICC are a good mix of local/residents and very mobile expatriates on short term work assignment in Angola, generally lasting about three years.

Missions Activities

AICC currently supports 11 Missionaries around the country and the Vision is to have a Missionary in each of the 18 Provinces of Angola. Few of these Missionaries were deployed and are fully supported by AICC, while the overwhelming majority were deployed by other Christian organizations (YWAM, CBA and the Brethren) and only receive partial financial support from AICC.

Statement of Faith

AICC bases its teaching and its fellowship on the principles and doctrines outlined in the Lausanne Covenant, 1974


AICC is led by pastor Romão Meto Antonio. Each location has Elders and Ministry Leaders who work closely with the pastor to shepherd the flock under their care.

Contact Information

Address: Rua AL16, Talatona, Luanda, Angola

Telephone: +244 929 882 699    

Romão Meto AntónioLead Pastor929 882 699 / 992 990 578
Luciana Romã
Lanre OlabinjoVice
Annick LangCouncil of Elders
Rosaria FilipeChurch